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Asian workout designs, Asian fitness competing firms, Asian woman muscle builder, Female MMA Fighters and much more

I found myself thinking just a few days ago...

I have got Asian Exercise and articles or blog posts articles and reviews, so why not blend both examples of business Models these and do an Asian Fitness content?

So, i have done.

And this is actually the effect.

We have now 5 various Asian woman bodybuilders, two to three Asian health and fitness competitors, some IFBB Figure Pros, female MMA fighters and Asian workout styles.

I realize that fairly a few of them are from Canada.

Which goes back to my concept that Canada is wanting for taking around the world using stunning women.

Anyway...allow me to share Rebekah Kresila, Rin Nakai, Michelle Jin, Tanji Johnson, Denise Paglia and a lot more Asian workout beauties.

Female combined martial performer Rin Nakai fits into two classes

1...she is a girl MMA mma fighter.

Two...she appears to be she might go into muscle building if she wished to.

Yeah I do know, she perhaps too large of a women for quite a few peoples preference.

Despite how big she appearances in images though, Rin is simply your five foot just one and weighs in at 145.

Her present MMA file is 16-2-1.

Amateur body builder Rebekah Kresila originates from Cleveland, Ohio.

Rebekah is usually a qualified personal trainer and possesses coaching like a classical pianist.

Do a search on her behalf online and you can find a great deal of videos and pictures were she'sposing and flexing, doing mixed wrestling and left arm wrestling.

Brenda Raganot is a Filipino American female bodybuilder.

She came to be on September 8,1966 in both Kent, Washington or Annapolis, Maryland.

Brenda's 1st challenge was the 1993 NPC USA Championships just where she started in third.

She continued to remain competitive all the way up around the 2010 IFBB Arnold Classic, Ms. International, Fitness International & Figure International, where by she started in 10th.

Brenda is five foot a couple of and is 135 (tournament).

Tanji Johnson is not only a workout competitor, but a former American Gladiator on top of that!

On American Gladiators, her character was "Stealth".

She is of Black/Korean good and was created in Bamberg, Germany.

As well as being a fitness Gladiator and opponent, she is a private fitness instructor, NPC Promoter and publisher.

Since American Gladiators, Tanji went back into levels of competition heavy.

Tanji subsidized her physical fitness competitiveness in 2011, The Tanji Johnson Vancouver 2011.

Beginning from the 2002 IFBB Arnold Classic And Internationals, Tanji has competed in just about forty challenges.

Tanji Johnson - Mind of the Champion

This is certainly IFBB Figure Pro, Fitness Model and Beauty Image Consultant Kiana Phi.

Kiana is 5 ft . an individual and weighs in at 114.

Contest History:

2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships - 13th

2008 NPC Oregon State Determine, Health and fitness and Body building Championships - first

2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding And Figure Championships - 13th

2009 NPC Oregon Ironman - second

2009 NPC Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Fitness & Figure - first

2010 NPC Oregon Ironman - very first

You will discover much more about Kiana at her web-site on this page:

http: //

This can be Asian-American girl muscle builder Michelle Jin.

Transferred to the usa when she 18, even though she came to be in China.

Michelle is competitive in newbie competitions now, mostly in all natural muscle development.

Other than that, I don't have a lot of information about her.

Then again, her large and quality echoes for itself.

Like Rebekah Kresila, Michelle does many posing and wrestling videos.

Satoko Shinashi was given birth to on January 29th (my bday! ), 1977 in Tokyo, Japan which is a female MMA fighter.

Mixed karate fighters need to be in form, much of the health and fitness types use MMA education as a way to continue in condition.

Satoko is educated in Judo, Sambo (a Russian martial craft), and jiu-jitsu in the complements, and is known for her armbars.

Her MMA history is 29-2- 2 with 23 of those wins getting by way of syndication and 17 of people submissions ended up armbars.

If she will get an armbar locked in, it's above, virtually.

Her only MMA loss were to Mai Ichii by selection and Hisae Watanabe by knockout.

Satoko's very last gain was in excess of Yukiko Seki (submitting via left arm bar) at Deep - 38 Effects on October 23rd, 2008 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Denise Paglia was extremely popular within the health and fitness periodicals on the 1990s, and her fame has maintained onto today.

You could possibly bear in mind her from the 90s TV show, Fitness Beach on ESPN2.

I go through she was of Italian and Japanese descent and she is in some cases mentioned as Denise Paglia Cole.

She was a exercise rival on top of that, regardless that not just is Denise is often a Professional AFAA Fitness Mentor.

Denise positioned in the 1993 and 1992 Fitness America National Pageants, and she started in fifth at the 1995 Fitness Olympia.

She was for the take care of of the first issue with the exercise newspaper, Muscle & Fitness Hers.

Beautiful Lisa Cheng is not merely a muscle builder, but a rock and roll climber also,

She's so great at rock ascending, she's attained the nickname, "Hong Kong Spider Woman".

Besides rock and roll-climbing, I have got been told that she could be considering engaging in MMA.

Lisa includes a professional tournament heritage....

Asian Championships (2007) - Women Body Fitness, 7th place

Asian Championships (2007) - Women Fitness, 4th position

Asian Championships (2008) - Women Body Fitness, 3rd put

Asian Championships (2008) - Women Fitness, 4th put

Hong Kong Bodybuilding And Fitness Championships (2008)- first position.

And here is the woman that given Satoko Shinashi her primary losses, Hisae Watanabe.

Hisae was given birth to on October 21st, 1980 in Tochigi Prefecture, startup business models Japan and shes a female MMA mma fighter and past kickboxer.

She has become competitive given that 2002 along with her first beat she was disqualified for making use of an prohibited strike.

Satoko is a previous DEEP Ladies' Lightweight champion and she includes a MMA track record of 19-6-.

You will find, that leopard make two bit outfit is her common combating tools.

Jung Dayeon may be the lady who started off the "momjjang" (hot body system) fad in Korea.

She developed themselves by means of diet and exercise, and is termed an authority on actual instruction and workout now.

Jung has introduced a well known workout reserve, a DVD referred to as "Momjjang Diet" and in many cases been in a K-drama (in Korea) termed "Aquarius" exactly where she used an exercise teacher.

You will notice elements of her Figurerobics DVD on YouTube.

Maria Kang is actually a fitness model, group director, exercise manager, personal fitness trainer, telecommunications spokesperson and expert, however, if you study significantly about it gorgeous small lady, you will find that her beloved part is mom. Read everything in her web-site and therefore appreciate and enthusiasm will gloss through anything.

She is of Filipina, and Malaysian Chinese descent.

Her tournament track record:

1997 Miss Asia Pacific Islander

1998 Miss Petite Philippines

1998 Miss Petite Teen International

2003 Miss San Francisco Chinatown USA

2003 Miss Philippines USA

2003 Miss Bikini California

2003 Bikini America Nationals

2003 Top Five National Finalist Miss Model America

2003 Top Five National Finalist Miss Bikini America

Huong Vo is a Vietnamese NPC number sportsman.

It looks just like Huong could have halted competitive, for the reason that previous body competition I will find on her is within 2008.

Huong Vo's Figure Competition History:

2005 NPC USA Bodybuilding And Figure - 13th Place

2007 NPC Junior Nationals Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Contest - 16th Place

2007 NPC Junior California Bodybuilding and Figure Contest - second Place

2007 NPC La Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Championships - very first Place

2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding And Figure Championships - sixteenth Place

That is NPC figure contender, personal trainer and fitness version Cheri Nguyen.

And incidentally, Cheri is also a MMA band woman and aspiring fighter.

Cheri's life has actually been no step during the area, she needed to beat a great deal of adversity to access where by she is now.

On account of physical and mental mistreat (from her friends and family), she resided in children’s houses and is at state custody in the age 14 to eighteen.

However in 2000, she started off strength training following your start of her kid.

Cheri hasn't forgotten her earlier though, nowadays she she volunteers for examples of business Models CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, an organization that protects kids of mistreat.

Cheri's Contest History:

2010 NPC National Bodybuilding, Figure And Bikini Championships - 9th Place

2010 NPC Arkansas State Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships - 1st Place

2010 NPC Arkansas State Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships - first Place

2010 NPC Muscle Mayhem Championships - 1st Place

2011 NPC Team Universe And National Fitness Championships - 10th Place

2011 NPC Junior USA Championships - second Place

2011 IFBB Arnold Amateur - 2nd Place

This really is fitness expert, health and fitness unit and part of Team Ultimate Nutrition, Andjani Kwee.

I actually couldn't discover a whole lot about Andjani in addition to she is from Jakarta, Indonesia and she has a Facebook website page below:

http: //

She comes with a site right here, http: I needed a certain amount of trouble being able to access it.

This lovely small young lady began in muscle development, switched to body and also has now ended up to bodybuilding.

Janet's Contest History

2009 NPC Tim Gardner Extravaganza - second

2010 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure And Bikini - 2nd

2011 NPC Junior National Championships - 12th

2011 NPC Junior USA Championships - 9th

Milamar Sarcev (also Milamar Flores) IFBB Fitness Professional and owner of Gold's Gym Fullerton.

She's five foot 6 and weighs about 125 kilos.

Milamar's Contest History

1995 IFBB Olympia-14th

1997 IFBB Italian Pro Fitness-third

1997 IFBB Czech Pro Fitness-fourth

1997 IFBB Arnold Classic And Internationals-12th

1999 IFBB Womens World Pro-12th

1999 IFBB Italian Pro Fitness-3rd

2003 IFBB Night Of Champions-13th

2005 IFBB Charlotte Pro-sixth

2005 IFBB Europa Super Show-18th

2007 IFBB California Pro Figure Championships-12th

That is Singaporean body builder Joan Liew.

Joan started off lifting weights when she was 17 and even decided what school she traveled to based on how good their workout center facilities were.

That's dedication.

She was properly trained by bodybuilder Augustine Lee and also in she, 2005 and Augustine journeyed into enterprise together and opened Fitness Factory within the Boat Quay place in Singapore.

You should check out her web page on this page:

http: //

Belinda Kiriakou

Co-owner of Fight2BeFit, examples of business models and Pro Fitness Model, Belinda (Kim) Kiriakou is often a WBFF Pro Fitness Diva Model.

And she's additionally a health and wellbeing yoga and fitness and columnist trainer.

Yen Nguyen

This Vietnamese/French natural beauty is Dentist and Fitness Model Yen Nguyen.

Yen is 5 ft . 3, weighs in at 105 fat and day-to-day lives in Tampa, Florida.

She is doing her own physical fitness web page, but until then you can certainly match her on Facebook listed here:

https: //

Chu-mi Kim

South Korean health and fitness bodybuilder and type, Chu-mi Kim.

But the truth is also look at it as Kim Ju Mi, Ju-Mi Kim and in addition Julie Kim.

Yu Hwa Shim

South Korean health and fitness contender, specialist health and fitness trainer and health and fitness design Yu Hwa Shim

Yu Hwa Shim Training

Saiki Reika

Saiki Reika would wear a lot of caps.

This a number of feet 11 girl can be adancer and unit, and expert wrestler.

I had also noticed she was obviously a bodybuilder, having said that i don't know if it is competitively or otherwise.

She tells me a minimal of Rin Nakai.

The Best Asian Fitness Beauty?

Your best Asian Fitness Beauty is.....

Rin Nakai

Rebekah Kresila

Brenda Raganot

Tanji Johnson

Kiana Phi

Michelle Jin

Satoko Shinashi

Denise Paglia

Lisa Cheng

Hisae Watanabe

Jung Dayeon

Maria Kang

Huong Vo

Cheri Nguyen

Andjani Kwee

Janet Gerber

Milamar Sarcev

Joan Liew

Belinda Kim

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